Thursday, October 14, 2010


Ok, this one is actually mine. I was attending a beach wedding and instead of wearing one of my many dresses, I decided to make one! I was washing the dishes and clumsy me dropped a glass plate and it broke into pieces. While picking up all those pieces, I got inspired! And that's why this piece is called "Pecah" which means 'broken' in Bahasa Malaysia.


I wanted to have a toga, after watching "Lucilla" in the "Gladiator" and thought that she looked amazing! I wanted to look as good as that woman (or maybe better).
But of course, instead of buying one, I thought I'd make one. And I figured to look as beautiful as "Lucilla", I'd make something -- 'womanly'!

So, instead of doing the usual geometric designs, I decided to do a flowery one. And in all honesty, I thought it looked great!

A client saw this sketch and wanted it for herself, so the unselfish me made it for her. She picked the orange one. The ready piece can be seen in the photo below. I think I'll make the fuschia one mine! :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As the name suggests, 'Vertical' is designed with vertical lines. In the pictures above, I've played with different ways of expressing the vertical lines. I won't elaborate on the colors here; the different designs and colors show that it can be tailored to your own preferences.

In top photo was designed as a modern kurung and carries curvy lines. Below it, I've designed the modern kurung to have vertical lines on the 'baju' and checkered patterns on the 'kain'. This is just to create a contrasting but harmony patterns. Most bottom photo was designed as a tunic, to be worn with pants. The lines are straight, and in some thick lines there are a few thin lines.

All of the above sketches has been materialised to actual pieces. This can be seen in the photos next to each sketches.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


You will notice that the next few pieces will be in the same color but carries different patterns. This is because, I was requested to design a uniform for four usherettes for a wedding. Then I thought, why have four pieces of the same one? So, instead of doing just that, I designed four different pieces with different patterns but of the same colors. It turned out well and the Clients loved it! You can view the photo of the happy Clients in the "Gallery" section (under construction at the moment).

Back to this piece -- I was in my mom's garden and I was looking at her jasmine plant. It was all leaves and no flower. I circled the plant when I saw one white flower among all the leaves. It was the only jasmine flower there but it was so beautiful on its own. Hence, the idea of an 'oasis' came to my head and I started sketching this piece.

This is made into a 'baju kurung' and was hand-drawn onto Crepe.


I was cracking my head trying to come up with a design for a Client (one of the grey-colored uniform for a wedding) while watching "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief". I was fascinated with the character "Medusa" and her head, of course. And so, I was inspired to create this.

Here, it is designed as a modern kurung. It would be ideal to also have it as a short dress.


As you can see, this is another one of the lime green-colored uniform for a Client's wedding. 'Alaia' was designed for a very tall, slim woman. This was made into a modern kurung. It would look great too as a halter-neck dress.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is my very first piece and how it all started. I was 5 months pregnant, and I needed something to wear to a friend's wedding and still wants to maintain my style but nothing existing could fit me. So I started making this piece and it turned out great! I received a lot of compliments and actually received some orders! So, I continued sketching other pieces from then on.

This piece was named 'Rainbow' to signify a lot of things that a rainbow has -- vibrant colors, beauty and doesn't come easy. And with this inspiration, I decided on the name Ilham for my baby. Alana means beautiful and I could feel how my baby made me feel beautiful inside out and that's how the name Alana Ilham came about. And Alana Ilham (my little princess) was born on January 12th, 2010 to complete my life.

This piece was done on Crepe Silk as a long dress.